Another great showing from 7th graders at John Lucas Invitational

Going up against a slew of nationally ranked teams, Urban ASAK’s 7th graders put together another strong performance at the John Lucas Invitational in Houston.

The team started off by beating the adidas sponsored Arkansas Hawks 67-41, followed by Delaware 65-30 and then Team FOE (formerly known as RM5) by one point. Urban ASAK then lost a close one to top-ranked Houston Hoops 76-70. The Hoops went on to lose to North Coast Blue Chips in the championship, 64-62.

This group of 7th graders has proven they’re capable of playing with and beating any team in the nation. The showing in Houston paired with the championship in Portland all but guarantees a top-10 ranking nationally for a gifted Urban ASAK squad.

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